Acrylic Panels

Our Acrylic Panels are made with ACRYLITE® which is a high quality plastic. These substrates are 0.118” and 0.177” in thickness and are perfect for long-term outdoor and indoor use. Perfect for Commercial signs.

● ACRYLITE® is a high quality plastic
● Lightweight, half the weight of glass
● Break resistant, withstands many times the impact force of glass of similar thickness
● Weather resistant, virtually unaffected by sun, extreme cold, salt water spray
● Heat resistant: ACRYLITE® cast takes a range of temperatures from -30°F (-34°C) to +200°F (93°C)
● Colorfast, the color is continuous throughout the material
● Maximum size 48″ x 96” (store pickup only for size over 46″ x 38″)

Material Options:
· 0.118” Clear Acrylic
· 0.177” Clear Acrylic